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Nursing Assistants

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Type of employment: Full-Time


The nursing assistant (NA) reports to the clinical manager/director and works under the direction of a clinical nurse manager.


1. Direct patient care assists with the following tasks under the direction of an RN:

  • Orienting families to the ambulatory clinic area
  • Vital signs measurement per department standard
  • Documentation of patient data per department standard
  • Emptying fluid collection containers
  • Point of care testing/controls glucose, hemocult, urine dipstick
  • PO feeding, Bulb suctioning
  • Assisting with intra hospital transport
  • Providing comfort measures

2. Stocking and maintenance:

  • Changing needle boxes when 2/3 full
  • Distributing linen, Clean rooms after discharge
  • Replacing canisters, oxygen tubing, and nebulizers per protocol
  • Obtaining unit supplies

3. Clerical:

  • Entering labs into CHIP
  • Assisting with sending labs
  • Phone calling/paging as directed

4. Cleaning:

  • Keeping unit orderly
  • Cleaning equipment and toys
  • Checking and recording refrigerator temperatures, Checking and recording crash cart

Required skills

  • Certified Nursing Assistant or enrollment in a nursing program with completion of a nursing fundamentals course. High school diploma/GED. Basic Life Support Certification required.
  • Must be able to safely immobilize children if necessary and be able to move equipment and patients. Must be able to respond quickly to patient care situations. Must be able to effectively communicate with patients/families, physicians, and patient care staff, and meet professional image and communication standards.
  • Bilingual ability preferred

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